Thomson-East Coast Line Rail Bridging Service

The Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) Rail Bridging Service (or TEL Free Shuttle Bus Service / TEL Bridging Bus) is an emergency bus service which is provided in the event of a Train Service Disruption involving the Thomson-East Coast Line, which is operated by SMRT Trains.

When a section of the Thomson-East Coast Line is suspended, this service may be activated to ferry affected commuters between affected stations, hence minimizing the impact of rail disruptions on commuters. This service may also be activated should there be a significant addition of expected travelling time along the TEL.


When the TEL free bridging bus service is activated along a specific stretch of the TEL, information will be disseminated through SMRT and the Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s media platforms. The service will only stop at specific bus boarding points (either at bus stops or bus interchanges) which are marked out in the ticket concourse of every station.

This service is offered for free, in addition to free bus boarding of regular bus services during a disruption.

Route Map:

47201 Woodlands North Stn TE1 Woodlands North Coast Rd
46631 Woodlands Stn Exit 5 NS9TE2 Woodlands Ave 2
46981 W'lands Sth Stn Exit 2 TE3 Woodlands Ave 1
56099 Springleaf Stn Exit 2 TE4 Upp Thomson Rd
55011 Bef Lentor Stn Exit 5 TE5 Yio Chu Kang Rd
54199 Bef Mayflower Stn Exit 3 TE6 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4
53341 Bright Hill Stn Exit 2 TE7 Sin Ming Ave
53059 Upp Thomson Stn Exit 2 TE8 Upp Thomson Rd
52211 Lighthouse Sch CC17TE9 Toa Payoh Rise
40239 Bef Stevens Stn Exit 4 DT10TE11 Whitley Rd
13019 Napier Stn Exit 1 TE12 Napier Rd
09139 Orchard Blvd Stn Exit 1 TE13 Grange Rd
13199 Aft Orchard Stn Exit 12 NS22TE14 Paterson Rd
13119 Opp Great World City TE15 Kim Seng Rd
06129 Grand Copthorne Hotel TE16 Kim Seng Rd
05012 Bef Pearl's Hill Terr EW16NE3TE17 Eu Tong Sen St
05269 Maxwell Stn Exit 2 TE18 Sth Bridge Rd
03111 Aft Capital Twr Robinson Rd
03391 Marina Bay Financial Ctr NS27TE20CE2 Marina Blvd
03369 Gardens by the Bay Stn Exit 1 TE22 Marina Gdns Dr
03361 Gardens by the Bay Stn Exit 2 TE22 Marina Gdns Dr
03539 Marina Bay Stn NS27TE20CE2 Central Blvd
03129 UIC Bldg TE19 Shenton Way
05241 Opp Blk 333 TE18 Kreta Ayer Rd
05019 Aft Duxton Plain Pk EW16NE3TE17 New Bridge Rd
06081 Havelock Stn Exit 3 TE16 Zion Rd
06131 Aft Blk 87 TE15 Zion Rd
13191 Opp Orchard Stn Exit 12 NS22TE14 Paterson Rd
09131 Opp Orchard Blvd Stn TE13 Grange Rd
13011 Napier Stn Exit 2 TE12 Napier Rd
40231 Raffles Town Club DT10TE11 Whitley Rd
52219 Bef Caldecott Stn Exit 3 CC17TE9 Toa Payoh Rise
53051 Upp Thomson Stn Exit 5 TE8 Upp Thomson Rd
53349 Bright Hill Stn Exit 1 TE7 Sin Ming Ave
54191 Mayflower Stn Exit 2 TE6 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4
55019 Aft Lentor Stn Exit 4 TE5 Yio Chu Kang Rd
56091 Springleaf Stn Exit 3 TE4 Upp Thomson Rd
46989 W'lands Sth Stn Exit 1 TE3 Woodlands Ave 1
46639 Woodlands Stn Exit 4 NS9TE2 Woodlands Ave 2
47201 Woodlands North Stn TE1 Woodlands North Coast Rd

Technical Information
Route WAB_logo_20px
Woodlands Nth Coast Rd (Woodlands North MRT) ↔ Marina Gardens Dr (Gardens by the Bay MRT)
Passes Through Specific Thomson-East Coast Line MRT Stations
(Disseminated upon activation)
Free Travel
Operator Information
Current Operators SMRT Buses Ltd
Tower Transit Singapore Pte Ltd
Current Fleet Any Public Bus
Departure Times
Activated and withdrawn only when disseminated

Routes are compiled based on observations during a rail disruption.

Operator Information
  • TE1 Woodlands NorthTE9 Caldecott
    SMRT Buses Ltd
  • TE9 CaldecottTE22 Gardens by the Bay
    Tower Transit Singapore Pte Ltd

As SMRT Trains is the rail operator for the Thomson-East Coast Line, buses from SMRT Buses Ltd can also operate on the TEL Bridging Bus service between any stations in addition to its own allocated sector.

MRT Stations Served:

Recent History of Activation
Date Sector Served Disruption Reason
4 Dec 2020 Woodlands North Woodlands South Signalling Fault
27 Apr 2022 Woodlands North Caldecott Track Signal Fault
6 Jul 2022 Woodlands North Caldecott Signal Fault
25 Dec 2022 Caldecott Gardens by the Bay Train Fault
6 Jan 2023 Woodlands North Gardens by the Bay Train Fault
2 Feb 2023 Woodlands North ↔ Orchard Train Fault
7 Mar 2023 Caldecott Orchard Train Fault
12 Aug 2023 Woodlands North Lentor Train Fault
6 Nov 2023 Orchard Gardens by the Bay Signalling Fault



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  • 2 January 2023 at 4:31 PM

    Why does Bus stops at Lighthouse Sch (TE9) and Aft Capital Twr (TE19) not have a code with it? They operate Caldecott and Shenton Way, respectively.


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