Go-Ahead MAN A95 buses begin operations

On¬†Saturday, 10 March 2018,¬†MAN A95 buses¬†leased to Go-Ahead Singapore¬†were deployed on revenue service for the first time. These buses were deployed to Bus Services 2, 12¬†and 12e, and bear the standardized Lush Green SG‚̧Bus livery with Go-Ahead Singapore’s corporate logo.

In late August 2018, Go-Ahead Singapore no longer restricted these MAN A95 to be deployed on Services 2, 12 & 12e only.

These buses are owned by the Land Transport Authority, and were issued to Go-Ahead Singapore to operate and maintain, in tandem with increasing fleet requirements as part of the Loyang Bus Package. The MAN A95 is also the second model of double-deck bus to be operated by Go-Ahead Singapore; the operator previously only had Volvo B9TL buses in its fleet since September 2016.


The MAN A95 (or MAN ND323F) buses operated by Go-Ahead Singapore are part of a batch of 122 buses purchased by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in September 2016. Bodied with a facelifted Lion’s City DD bodywork, these buses feature aesthetic modifications that distinguish them from older batches of MAN A95 buses procured by SMRT Buses, while also being fitted with USB Charging Ports.

SMRT Buses and SBS Transit took in MAN A95 buses of this batch starting in February 2017 and July 2017 respectively. In particular, SBS Transit took in one unit with an automatic wheelchair ramp and a Euro VI unit.

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Meanwhile, Go-Ahead Singapore commenced operations in September 2016 as the successful tenderer of the Loyang Bus Package. To promote fleet standardization, the operator only took in Mercedes-Benz Citaro and Volvo B9TL Wright buses to fulfil their single-deck and double-deck fleet requirements respectively.

In January 2018, ahead of the launch of Bus Service 12e, Go-Ahead Singapore was allocated 9 additional double-deck buses. However, as LTA’s available pool of Volvo B9TL buses were fully allocated to bus operators, it was forced to take in brand-new MAN A95 buses in LTA’s bus storage. In addition to seven Volvo B9TL buses (SG5537Z, SG5540M ‚Äď SG5545A), it took in two MAN A95 buses (SG5914T and SG5915R). However, rather than deploying the MAN A95 buses on Service 12e, Go-Ahead relegated them to training duties while deploying a full fleet of Volvo B9TL buses on¬†Service 12e.

In March 2018, ahead of the route extensions for Bus Services 2, 12 and 12e to Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal and the introduction of Short Trip Service 2A, Go-Ahead was allocated seven more MAN A95 buses (SG5904Y РSG5910D), for a total of 9 MAN A95 buses.

Go-Ahead Singapore’s MAN A95 buses made their¬†revenue service debut on¬†Sunday, 10 March 2018, in tandem with the opening of¬†Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal.

Additional MAN A95 Buses Leased

In late March 2018, Go-Ahead Singapore leased a further 6 MAN A95 Buses (SG5911B – SG5915R, SG5918H – SG5920A) to increase their fleet in preparation for the launch of Go-Ahead Bus Service 68 on 1 April 2018. These buses are likely to displace single-decker buses to be used for Service 68.

Date of Debut Bus Services
March 10, 2018 Services 2, 12, 12e
August 23, 2018 Service 43M
August 25, 2018 Services 85, 119
August 26, 2018 Services 43, 118, Express 518
August 27, 2018 Services 6, 17, 62, 85
August 28, 2018 Service 83
September 7, 2018 Service 3


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6 thoughts on “Go-Ahead MAN A95 buses begin operations

  • 15 March 2018 at 9:31 PM

    I hope GAS lease another A95 essentially for Punggol service like 43 & 118.Hope they can lease SG5912Z & SG5913X.SG5911B can go to SBST since TTS not interested in leasing buses and love to maximise bus usage.

    Pasir Ris service
    12:2 A95
    518:2 A95
    Changi Village
    2:3 A95
    Punggol service
    43:2 A95
    118:2 A95

  • 14 March 2018 at 9:49 PM

    It’s so nice to see this one… actually GA had prepared to take a third model in their fleet as fleet increment required by LTA so it should not be said as forced to accept.

    • 15 March 2018 at 7:40 PM

      It’s because there is no more newer B9TL available so they take the A95.In fact they should take one more unit at Bulim as Tower Transit is not interested in taking the buses

    • 5 April 2018 at 6:16 PM

      As there are no more Volvo B9TLs in storage, so Go-Ahead Singapore have to take in the MAN A95s in preparation of the launch of Services 2A, 12e and 68. Go-Ahead Singapore took in MAN A95s for Service 68 so that rigid buses can be transferred from current services without affecting them. Tower Transit Singapore might have to take in MAN A95s in preparation of the launch of Service 974.

  • 11 March 2018 at 2:41 PM

    SBST Seletar also follow


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