Punggol Bus Interchange

Punggol Temporary Bus Interchange is a temporary bus interchange at Punggol Central, located adjacent to the Punggol MRT/LRT Station. It was built to cater for the residential developments of Punggol New Town, and allows for easy dismantling when the site is redeveloped in the future, hence retaining its ‘temporary’ status.

Go-Ahead Singapore, the successful tenderer of the Loyang Bus Package, has taken over operations of the bus interchange, as well as 13 bus services originating from the interchange, on 4 September 2016.


Name Punggol Temporary Bus Interchange  |  榜鵝临时巴士转换站
Address 70A Punggol Place, Singapore 828865
BCM Route Package Loyang Bus Package
Anchor Operator Go-Ahead Singapore
Bus Routes 15 (Go-Ahead), 2 (SBST)
Berths 4 sawtooth (2 more sawtooth U/C), 2-3 alighting
Rail Connection NE17PTC Punggol

Prior to Punggol Temporary Bus Interchange, the only other bus terminal was the Punggol Road End Bus Terminus, which existed since the 1980s, and home to bus services like 82 and 83. By the time it was shut down in 2003, only Service 82 remained, and the terminal was converted to a bus stop.

Punggol Bus Interchange opened on Sunday, 30 November 2003 with four bus routes. Service 83 from Sengkang was amended to terminate here rather than looping around Punggol. Service 3 between Tampines and Pasir Ris was extended to Punggol and converted to a bidirectional route. Service 62 and 136 were extended from the former Hougang South Bus Interchange to the new Punggol Interchange.

Subsequently, more services like 34, 43 and 85 were introduced to bring about greater connectivity to Punggol. When Serangoon Bus Interchange moved to its new facility, Service 82 was amended to start from Punggol Int and loop at Serangoon Central, skipping Punggol Road End. A new service 84 was introduced to cover the lost sector.

On 21 October 2012, under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP), Service 119 was extended from Sengkang to terminate at Punggol Bus Interchange, calling at an additional four pairs of bus stops. Feeder bus services 382 and 386 were also introduced to serve new estates. Bus services 117 and 118 were introduced in December 2015, bringing greater connectivity to towns which do not have direct MRT links.

Waterway Point is located opposite the interchange, directly across Punggol Central, which can be accessed through the 24-hour underpass of Punggol Station.

Feeder Services:

Punggol New Town is currently served by three feeder bus services. Service 381 & 386 serves Punggol East, while Service 382 serves Punggol West.

The Punggol LRT System serves the function of intratown connections, rendering the need for a intricate feeder bus system redundant. However, several trunk bus services run alongside with the LRT system. Feeder bus services serve roads and estates that are further from the LRT Stations.

Bus Services:

Service Berth Destination Notes
3 B3 Tampines  
34 B1 ↺ Changi Airport  
43 B4 Upper East Coast  
43M B4 ↺ Serangoon Central BSEP Service
50 B3 Bishan BSEP Service
62 B2 ↺ Sims Avenue  
82 B4 ↺ Serangoon Central  
83 B3 ↺ Sengkang  
84 B1 ↺ Punggol Road  
85 B2 Yishun  
117 B4 Sembawang BSEP Service
118 B2 Changi Business Park BSEP Service
119 B2 ↺ Hougang Street 21 BSEP Service
136 B1 Ang Mo Kio  
381 B1 ↺ Punggol East BSEP Service
382G B3 ↺ Sumang Walk BSEP Service
382W B3 ↺ Sumang Walk BSEP Service
386 B4 ↺  Punggol East BSEP Service


Berth Services
Alighting For alighting only
B1 34, 84, 136, 381
B2 62, 85, 118, 119
B2A Bridging Bus Boarding Point:
North-East Line Rail Bridging Service (towards HarbourFront)
Punggol LRT East Loop Bridging Service
Punggol LRT West Loop Bridging Service
B3 3, 50, 83, 382G, 382W
B4 43/43M, 82, 117, 386
B5 Under Construction
B6 Under Construction

Punggol Temporary Bus Interchange Expansion

In April 2015, LTA called for a tender to expand the existing Punggol Temporary Bus Interchange. The expansion will see an expanded interchange concourse, along with new boarding berths and toilets. A further 13 parking spaces will be added to the current 38 parking lots. This will be achieved through an expansion in space of 0.8ha from the current 1.2ha.

Construction of the expansion started Q3 2015 after LTA awarded the tender to BSI (1990) Pte. Ltd for S$12,470,000. The expanded concourse will allow for about 4 to 5 new bus services under BSEP.

Phase 1 of the expansion opened on Wednesday, 25 January 2017, providing a row of 13 additional parking lots. Construction works are expected to complete in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

Part of the expansion includes an extension of the interchange concourse to accommodate 2 more boarding berths.


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    With the 2nd phase of 12 more parking lots,Only 36 Parking lots.Take note..There will still be parking crunch

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    Can we plan bus route for Punggol Walk? Residents living in Ecopolitan are complaining there isn’t any bus-stop nearby.

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    What’s the use of more boarding berth when they should add more alighting berth too..I feel 4 existing svc will be allocated at the new berth


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