[Defunct] Bedok Temporary Bus Interchange

This temporary interchange has since been abolished. Click here for the new Bedok Bus Interchange.

Bedok Temporary Bus Interchange was situated atĀ Bedok Town Centre, Singapore. The interchange was operating in a temporary facility built west of the original facility, flanked by Bedok North Avenue 1, Bedok North Drive and New Upper Changi Road.

As the new air-conditioned Bedok Bus Interchange opened on Sunday, 30th November 2014, all bus services was shifted to start from there. The last day of service for Bedok Temporary Interchange was on Saturday, 29th November 2014.


Name: Bedok Temporary Bus InterchangeĀ |Ā å‹æę“›äø“ę—¶å·“å£«č½¬ę¢ē«™
Service area: Bedok Central
Address:Ā 2 Bedok North Drive, Singapore 465513
Principal operator: SBS Transit
MRT Station: EW5 Bedok
Berths: 10 sawtooth, 5 alighting
Bus services: 27 (SBS Transit), 2 (SMRT)

Brief History:

  • 1979: Bedok Bus Interchange opens
  • 1981: Given expansion toĀ accommodateĀ more buses
  • 1985: Additional bus services after closure of Chai Chee Bus Terminal
  • 1989: Bedok MRT opens
  • 2011: Shifted to aĀ temporaryĀ location west of the original site
  • 2014: New interchange opens, integrated with Bedok Mall

Bedok Bus Interchange was opened in 1979, constructed as part of Bedok Town Centre, and situated between Blk 203 and Bedok Food Centre (Blk 207). Like other new towns in that era, the interchange was constructed next to other community facilities such as hawker centres, a public library, town council offices and (later) a cinema.Ā It was also allocated the Block number 207A.

Two years after its opening, the interchange was partially demolished for expansion works. 17 more bus bays and a 180m-long passenger concourse were built with the additional 0.4 hectares of land given by HDB. Number of bus services increased from 15 to 26.

In 1989, Bedok MRT Station was completed, offering travel alternatives for long-distance commuters. Despite bus rationalization of many services, Bedok Interchange remained as a transfer point for over 30 bus services. Along its lifetime, the interchange has absorbed bus services from nearby bus terminals likeĀ Chai Chee Bus Terminal andĀ Marine Parade Bus Terminal. Chai Chee Ter, which closed on 15 Sep 1985 to make way for HDB developments, had most of itsĀ services extended to Bedok Int and the remainder amended or withdrawn.

In early 2010, the HDB announced that theĀ existingĀ site of Bedok Interchange will be redeveloped into a an air-conditioned interchange integrated with commercial (Bedok Mall) and residential (Bedok Residences) developments.

After serving the residents of Bedok for 32 years, the old Bedok interchange was closed on 19th November 2011. All bus operations have been moved to a temporary interchange facility built west of the existing site, named Bedok Temporary Bus Interchange and remains operational to this date. To accomadate the new interchange, minor amendments were made to Service 9 and 35 with the closure of the interchange entrance at New Upper Changi Road. The new interchange is expected to be completed in 2015.

Interchange facilities:

The temporary facility has 56 lots for normal buses as well as 2 bendy bus lots. 10 boarding and 5 alighting berths cater to theĀ passenger traffic. The new interchange is expected to retain the current specifications for bus lots and bus berths.

  • Interchange offices (SBST + SMRT)
  • Transitlink Office
  • Drivers lounge
  • NTWU Canteen
  • Retail outlets
  • Boarding and alighting berths
  • Information board &Ā Bus arrival display
  • Service guide rack
  • Toilets

SBS Transit has also added retail outlets at Bedok Temporary Interchange to generate rent. Vendors sell food, clothes and mobileĀ phones among other products.

Bus Services:

Service Berth Destination Remarks
7 B5 Clementi
9 B7 ā†ŗ Changi Airfreight Centre
14 B4 Clementi
16 B8 Bukit Merah
17 B9 Pasir Ris Looping Point
17A B9 Bedok North Depot Looping Point
18 B10 Tampines Looping Point
25 B5 Ang Mo Kio
26 B1 Toa Payoh
30 B6 Boon Lay
30e B5 Pasir Panjang Road Morning Peak Only
32 B2 Buona Vista
33 B2 Kent Ridge
35 B1 ā†ŗ Tanah Merah Ferry Road
38 B8 Tampines
40 B3 ā†ŗ Merpati Road
60 B4 Eunos Looping Point
66 B6 Jurong East
69 B9 Tampines Looping Point
87 B6 Sengkang
168 B8 Woodlands
196 B7 Clementi
B7 Jurong East
222 B4 ā†ŗ Chai Chee Drive
225G B3 ā†ŗ Bedok North Street 3
225W B2 ā†ŗ Bedok North Street 3
228 B3 ā†ŗ Bedok Reservoir Road
229 B1 ā†ŗ Bedok South Road
401 B9 ā†ŗ Fort Road Weekends & Public Holidays only
854 B10 Yishun
854e Weekdays Morning Peak
For Alighting Only

Berth Allocation:

Berth Services
Alighting For Alighting Only
B1 26, 35, 229
B2 32, 33, 225W
B3 40, 225G, 228
B4 14, 60, 222
B5 7, 25, 30e
B6 30, 66, 87
B7 9, 196, 197
B8 16, 38, 168
B9 17, 17A, 69, 401
B10 18, 854


TheĀ interchangeĀ has only one vehicular entrance at Bedok North Drive. All vehicles enter and exit the interchangeĀ using that entrance.


Night scene
Night scene
Old Bedok Interchange as seen from Blk 204
Old Bedok Interchange as seen from Blk 204
Old Bedok Interchange Concourse
Old Bedok Interchange Concourse
URA Masterplan 2008
URA Masterplan 2008
Current location of Bedok Temporary Interchange
location of Bedok Temporary Interchange


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One thought on “[Defunct] Bedok Temporary Bus Interchange

  • 14 July 2023 at 8:26 PM

    The correct berth allocation for Bedok Temporary Bus Interchange was:
    Alighting Berths – For Alighting Only
    Berth B1 – Services 26 (to Toa Payoh), 35 (to Tanah Merah Ferry Road) and Feeder 229 (to Bedok South Road)
    Berth B2 – Services 32 (to Buona Vista), 33 (to Kent Ridge), 33B (to Joo Chiat Place) and Feeder 225W (to Bedok North Street 3)
    Berth B3 – Services 40 (to Merpati Road), Feeder 225G (to Bedok North Street 3) and 228 (to Bedok Reservoir Road)
    Berth B4 – Services 14 (to Clementi), 14A (to Grange Road), 60 (to Eunos), TownLink 222 (to Chai Chee Drive) and 222A (to New Upper Changi Road (Bedok MRT Station) towards City)
    Berth B5 – Services 7 (to Clementi), 25 (to Ang Mo Kio) and Fast Forward 30e (to Pasir Panjang Road)
    Berth B6 – Services 30 (to Boon Lay), 66 (to Jurong East), 66A (to Bukit Timah Road (Little India MRT Station) and 87 (to Sengkang)
    Berth B7 – Services 9 (to Airport Cargo Road), 9A (to Loyang Avenue), 196 (to Clementi), 196A (to Shenton Way) and 197 (to Jurong East)
    Berth B8 – Services 16 (to Bukit Merah), 38 (to Tampines) and 168 (to Woodlands)
    Berth B9 – Services 17 (to Pasir Ris), 17A (to Bedok North Bus Depot), 69 (to Tampines) and 401 (to Fort Road)
    Berth B10 – Services 18 (to Tampines) and 854 (to Yishun)


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