Withdrawn Bus Services

This page documents bus services that were withdrawn in recent years.

275 405M 408 536 546 555 556 558 561 563
598 589 256 979M 308 163M 402 BPS1 147e 117B
128 971E 700 700A 167e 135A 75A 67W 66A 66B
66C 883A 856A 971 170A 188R 963R 926 131M 139M
130A 2A 944 160M

Withdrawn NightRider services


Withdrawn Nite Owl services

1N 2N 3N 4N 5N 6N 7N 8N

Withdrawn Peak Period Short Service (PPSS) Routes:

222P 240P 265P 268P 285P 291P 293P 307P 358P 359P
811P 812P 903P 912P

Withdrawn City Direct Routes:

658 659 662 664 669

Withdrawn On Demand Public Bus Routes:

Joo Koon JK-1, JK-2, JK-3, JK-4, JK-5, JK-6, JK-7, JK-8, JK-9, JK-10, JK-11, JK-12 & JK-13
Marina – Downtown MD-1, MD-2 & MD-3
Night Bus – CBD to Bedok / Tampines NB-1, NB-2, NB-3, NB-4, NB-5 & NB-6

Older Withdrawn Bus Services

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